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At PRACTICE San Francisco, we whole-heartedly believe that awareness, presence in the moment, kindness, and curiosity are essential skills for developing a life of equanimity and happiness.

PRACTICE San Francisco offers educational programs focused on resilience, embodiment, and effectively coping with emotion for kids, teens, parents, and parents-to-be.

Our programs aim to help children, teens, and families to live joyful lives by offering opportunities to learn and to practice evidence-based strategies that research tells us are helpful in allowing us to show resilience and persistence in the face of challenges. We can learn to respond with choice and intention during stressful and emotional situations rather than simply reacting on auto-pilot.

Upcoming Programs:

Parent Problem-Solving Workshop: Setting up routines for summer success
with Stephanie Rooney

Monday, May 20 • 12 noon to 1:00 pm

Parents everywhere run into the same problems when navigating daily life with kids!  Join Stephanie Rooney, Ph.D., for a workshop designed to help EVERY parent troubleshoot the situations that are challenging in almost every family.  Bring your concerns about the way that things are going in your family (and the roadblocks that you’re running into as you try to get things to go more smoothly!) and brainstorm together with fellow parents and Dr. Rooney about new solutions to test out at home. 
Learn more and sign up online. 

What you focus on determines how you feel. Your ability to focus is a skill. PRACTICE daily.

— Nathaniel Solace

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