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Hey, Practice families!

A very quick note to say THANK YOU– as we launch into our final week of summer Mighty Minds, I am so grateful for all of you who participated in the Mighty Minds program this summer.  I personally got to run a session last week with an amazing group of girls entering sixth to eighth grades– we had a blast, and had some incredible conversations about the concepts we were covering.  (Not least the idea that when you can notice how you feel, you have the power to shift how you feel and how you act/react– which is pretty powerful stuff for all of us, not just tweens and early teens!)

I’m taking two more weeks of maternity leave before coming back to the office full-force on August 26…  so this week, you get to hear from Dr. Stephanie Rooney, one of our wonderful on-staff therapists.  Read on!  And I’ll see you back here next week.

A Message from Stephanie Rooney

Stephanie is a licensed children and family psychologist as well as one of our leading Mighty Minds teachers. Read Stephanie’s here.

Stephanie Rooney, Ph.D. Mindfulness CoachAt PRACTICE San Francisco, we are here to help you find more joy in parenting and to raise more resilient children– kids who are open to engaging with the world and taking on new challenges.  It might seem like a paradox that you can focus on finding small, joyful moments of connection with your little buddy while simultaneously positively shaping his/her brain wiring for resiliency. But it’s scientifically true and we can help you do it!!!!

Earlier this summer, a video went viral of a scene played out nightly across the country – a parent relaxing, watching T.V., while a child plays nearby.  In this video, comedian DJ Pryor and his toddler sit side-by-side on their sofa and hilariously converse about the finale of Empire happening off-screen.  The toddler is babbling and gesturing and Dad is responding with intensity, liveliness and humor.  Toddler Kingston nods, gurgles and waves hands. DJ Pryor replies with mock seriousness: “They need to work on it, though?” or “Really? I thought the exact same thing. We think a lot alike!”  It’s mesmerizing, captivating, and heartwarming to see a  moment of joyful parenting connection occur in what is also a mundane T.V-watching moment. I know we all would like to connect with our children with such playfulness and light-heartedness…  which may be why (at least in part!) this video hit over 61 million views!

Beyond the comedy gold, the video actually demonstrates something above and beyond how to find joy in parenting on an average week night; it also illustrates how parents can shape their child’s communication patterns and disposition.  Dr. Dan Siegel writes in The Yes Brain about how much influence parents have over their child’s disposition beyond temperament. One key brain strategy in cultivating children’s resiliency for when life does not go their way involves helping kids build empathy for themselves and the world around them.  Parents can cultivate this key brain strategy through their everyday interactions with their child, connecting in micro-ways like DJ Pryor and his adorable, chatty son, as well as through other specific, scientifically-proven methods.

We can help you learn and put into action specific brain-boosting exercises laid out by experts like Dr. Dan Siegel to shape a mindset of openness, creativity, and resilience…  for you and for your child!  We offer individual parent coaching to teach these strategies and help you apply them in your home. Reach out to us by email, and we’ll get you on your way to a more joyful parenting experience that creates resilient children.


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