Happy Mother’s Day! 

Happy Mother’s Day!  Whether you are a mother, an expecting mother, a father, or a father-to-be– we’re celebrating all our parents and parents-to-be today!  Use the code MAMA2019 at check-out to get 20% off all of the following:

The discount code is good through end of day on Monday, 5/13.  All packages activate on date of first visit (so buy now and use whenever you are ready!).

Lots of warm wishes to all of you– and warm thanks for being part of our community!  Our usual Monday newsletter will be in your inboxes tomorrow!

This Mother’s Day, we wish you any/all of the following…

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Mindful Moment

The Secret to a Happier Family Life

The Secret to a Happier Family LifeHello, Practice families! In last week's newsletter, we talked about the way in which watching, reality-testing, and shifting our own thoughts as parents can change the way that we feel AND the way in which we respond in upsetting...

Parenthood: Full of endless delightful opportunities to practice our own skills

Thoughts Aren't Facts.Happy Monday, Practice families! You may have noticed that we didn't send out a newsletter last week-- that's because I was having one of those weeks.  My baby has had a terrible cold (that he then generously spread to the rest of us), and my...

Parenting Burnout – Yes, It’s a Thing.

Feeling Fried? Why you might be feeling that way & how you can make it better Hey, Practice families! I've been fully back to work for two weeks, and I'm already thinking about parenting burnout.    Having two kids in a family with two working parents?  It's...
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