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Image of a laptop on a clean workspace – Practice from home!30 day Online Challenge: How to Not Lose Your Sh*t with Your Kid!

With Nina Kaiser, PhD

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Much as we might hate to admit it… we’ve all lost our sh*t with our kid(s) from time to time. Parenthood is the ultimate growth experience and provides us with endless opportunities for our own skill development around managing emotions like frustration, anger or anxiety. Learning how to keep your cool during difficult moments is not something you can master from going to a single workshop or reading a parenting book. It’s a habit that requires continuous PRACTICE in the midst of real day-to-day situations and the curveballs that life (and, uh, our kids) throws our way.

That’s why we’ve developed an innovative online parenting series to support you in practicing everyday strategies for difficult moments with your children in order to help yourself maintain control and respond effectively and from a place of intention… rather than totally losing it.

Participating parents will receive:

  • daily inspiration
  • practical tips
  • evidence-based resources to support you in staying motivated, sticking to your parenting values/intentions, and developing the habit of parenting peacefully!

All content will be delivered via email before your morning coffee, so this program is open to any parent of any aged children, anywhere.

Parenting is no easy task – but we’re all in it together! Let us help you stay motivated in sticking to your parenting goals and develop the habit of parenting more peacefully.

Price: $30

Testimonials for How to Not Lose Your Sh*t

“I loved the tools, ideas, and reflections. I learned to put a few things in place, mentally or in my routine, to be more aware, take a breath, and notice!”
– Mother of three

“I learned a few tips for putting each scenario in context, and received good reminders not to compare myself to what I think is ‘normal.'”
– Mother of a toddler

“I learned a ton about meeting my three-year-old where he was, and preparing to minimize some of the freak-outs, both from him and from me.

I have told so many parents about this program, especially those with a kid between ages 2 and 4.”
– Mother of a preschooler

“As the adult in the relationship with my son, I wanted to learn better ways to approach frustrating moments.”
– Mother of a two-year-old

“I signed up for the program to gain parenting skills and confidence.”
– Mother of a preschooler

Sneak Peek
Parenting Your Anxious Child Online Series

Our new online series will offer daily, bite-sized emails delivered to your inbox in time for your morning coffee, each containing a research-based tip or strategy about how best to support your anxious child, plus links to other resources where you can learn more if you have the time and interest.  We’ll launch in September 2018… click the link below to be notified when registration opens!

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