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Learning life skills on how to be the parent you want to be (because your kids didn’t come with a manual).

Just like any other skills worth learning, strategies on effectively coping with emotion need to be explicitly taught, modeled, reinforced, and regularly practiced.

Welcome to our classroom. Your teachers? The most in-demand Bay Area experts using evidence-based research and strategies. Your fellow students? A community of parents also intentional about building awareness, resilience, and kindness in their children and within themselves. The curriculum? Life.

Upcoming Parenting Workshops

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Join us for our online series below – open to any parent, anywhere!

30 day Online Challenge: How to Not Lose Your Sh*t with Your Kid!

Nina Kaiser, PhD
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Much as we might hate to admit it… we’ve all lost our sh*t with our kid(s) from time to time. Parenthood is the ultimate growth experience and provides us with endless opportunities for our own skill development around managing emotions like frustration, anger or anxiety. Learning how to keep your cool during difficult moments is not something you can master from going to a single workshop or reading a parenting book. It’s a habit that requires continuous PRACTICE in the midst of real day-to-day situations and the curveballs that life (and, uh, our kids) throws our way.

That’s why we’ve developed an innovative online parenting series to support you in practicing everyday strategies for difficult moments with your children in order to help yourself maintain control and respond effectively and from a place of intention… rather than totally losing it.

Participating parents will receive:

  • daily inspiration
  • practical tips
  • evidence-based resources to support you in staying motivated, sticking to your parenting values/intentions, and developing the habit of parenting peacefully!

All content will be delivered via email before your morning coffee, so this program is open to any parent of any aged children, anywhere.

Parenting is no easy task – but we’re all in it together! Let us help you stay motivated in sticking to your parenting goals and develop the habit of parenting more peacefully.


Price: $30
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Self-Compassion In Parenting

Jacquelyn Richards, MA, MFT

October 23rd, 7 – 8:30pm

Calling parents of kids of all ages! Parenthood is TOUGH, and we bet that there are times when you wonder if you’ve done the right thing (or beat yourself up about maybe having done the WRONG thing) when navigating hard moments with your kids.

Join Jacquelyn Richards, MFT, for a conversation about the pressures and challenges of parenthood and how we might be able to manage our own reactions or respond to ourselves in a way that will better serve both ourselves and our kids.

Parenting is joyful and messy, rewarding and challenging, and often calls upon an ever-shifting balance between improvisation and structure.

In this evening talk we will explore the how we can shift from the pressures of perfectionism to greater acceptance and presence in parenting. You will learn about the human nervous system, practice ways to regulate stress, and update your parenting narrative for a more sustainable caregiving experience.

Questions we will address:

– Why is self-compassion so important in parenting and how can you engage the right amount of pressure on yourself and your child?

– When under stress, how can you regulate your/your child’s nervous system?

– What expectations do you have for yourself as a parent and for your child? How do these expectations guide or inhibit growth and wellbeing?

This workshop is designed for parents of kids of all ages.

Cost $50 for one parent | $70 for two parents

*Members $40 for one parent | $56 for two parents (20% discount off non-member pricing)

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Children and Anxiety – What Parents Need to Know

Jeremy Peterman, PhD

November 8th, 7 – 8:30pm

Anxiety is among the most common mental health concerns affecting children. As a parent, it can be difficult to discern normal anxiety from an anxiety disorder. When a child is experiencing anxiety it can be challenging as a parent knowing how to best respond (e.g. “do I give ‘tough love,’ do I provide reassurance, do I let them avoid this time?”). In this presentation we will discuss both the research and practical aspects of parenting a child with anxiety or at-risk for anxiety. Attendees will learn the difference between normal anxiety and clinical anxiety, common symptoms of anxiety, tools on supporting children with anxiety and preventing normal levels of anxiety from escalating, ways to manage caregiver anxiety, and signs to know when to seek professional help. This workshop is designed for parents of school-aged kids.

Cost $50 for one parent | $70 for two parents

*Members $40 for one parent | $56 for two parents (20% discount off non-member pricing)

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