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Learning life skills on how to be the parent you want to be (because your kids didn’t come with a manual).

Just like any other skills worth learning, strategies on effectively coping with emotion need to be explicitly taught, modeled, reinforced, and regularly practiced.

Welcome to our classroom. Your teachers? The most in-demand Bay Area experts using evidence-based research and strategies. Your fellow students? A community of parents also intentional about building awareness, resilience, and kindness in their children and within themselves. The curriculum? Life.

Upcoming Parenting Workshops

Our full in-person parenting workshop schedule is on pause for the summer but will resume in the fall!
Join us for our online series below – open to any parent, anywhere!

30 day Online Challenge: How to Not Lose Your Sh*t with Your Kid!

Nina Kaiser, PhD
Rolling registration – you choose when to begin!

Much as we might hate to admit it… we’ve all lost our sh*t with our kid(s) from time to time. Parenthood is the ultimate growth experience and provides us with endless opportunities for our own skill development around managing emotions like frustration, anger or anxiety. Learning how to keep your cool during difficult moments is not something you can master from going to a single workshop or reading a parenting book. It’s a habit that requires continuous PRACTICE in the midst of real day-to-day situations and the curveballs that life (and, uh, our kids) throws our way.

That’s why we’ve developed an innovative online parenting series to support you in practicing everyday strategies for difficult moments with your children in order to help yourself maintain control and respond effectively and from a place of intention… rather than totally losing it.

Participating parents will receive:

  • daily inspiration
  • practical tips
  • evidence-based resources to support you in staying motivated, sticking to your parenting values/intentions, and developing the habit of parenting peacefully!

All content will be delivered via email before your morning coffee, so this program is open to any parent of any aged children, anywhere.

Parenting is no easy task – but we’re all in it together! Let us help you stay motivated in sticking to your parenting goals and develop the habit of parenting more peacefully.


Price: $30
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Food, Feelings and Physical Health: Promoting balanced eating and body image in adolescence 

Sarah Forsberg, PhD
Saturday, September 22: 4:00 – 5:30pm

Has your child said to you, “Do I look fat?” “Why does my belly stick out?” “I wish I was ripped like Jake”. How do you respond to “fat talk” and help your child develop a healthy body image?

Has your daughter suddenly started spending all of her free time at the gym? Has your son decided to go Paleo? Does your child sneak junk food to eat in their room? How do you know when these changes are normative and when they are cause for concern?

In this workshop, parents will learn to evaluate the line between normal body image concerns, experimentation with food and eating patterns that are typical of adolescence, and more serious disordered behaviors that are cause for concern. Further, you will learn to help your child navigate messages and images promoting the next fad diet, health craze and latest unattainable standard of beauty. We will discuss tools for navigating the current landscape of social media that helps perpetuate unrealistic ideals for comparison and can lead to negative emotional fallout. Parents are a critical resource in cultivating a healthy and balanced food environment and promoting body acceptance and care. Here you will have the chance to learn new strategies to confidently guide your child in a positive direction. There will also be space to counter common myths about eating disorders and their treatment, and how to respond if you are worried about your child or someone close to you.

Price: $30
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Already feeling stressed about high school admissions?

This fall, Practice San Francisco will be offering workshops for 8th graders and their parents about how best to effectively manage the stress related to high school admissions.

We have limited capacity for these events and expect them to fill up quickly! Enter your email here to be the first to know about program details, dates, and registration.

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