Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Classes, Workshops, and Programs

Supporting mamas and mamas-to-be.


We weren’t kidding when we said we build these life skills from the ground up! Our team offers numerous educational resources and opportunities to connect with other women in the prenatal/pregnancy and postpartum/postnatal phases of life. We offer daily prenatal and postnatal yoga and fitness classes, as well as weekly new mom groups and meet-ups, and seasonal workshops led by Bay Area experts.


Overview of Offerings

In addition to daily Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Classes, our team offers regular support groups and workshops designed to support pre- and postpartum mamas! Join our growing community of mamas, find new mom friends, and receive support as you step into a beautiful new chapter of life.

New Mom Support Group

Thursdays, 12 noon – 1:00 pm

New Mom Support Group offers mamas a one-hour weekly drop-in support circle facilitated by Katie Taylor, PsyD. Connect with other mamas, check-in about your week, and get expert input and support as you navigate the transition to motherhood. The Thursday New Mom Group is included in the 2-week Intro Offer, and drop-ins are always welcome.

Finding Your Groove Workshop

Tuesdays, 12 noon – 1:00 pm

The Tuesday support group, Finding Your Groove, is a rolling six-week series focusing on ways to find your rhythm after having a baby. Katie reviews strategies for managing stress, supporting relationships, making time for self-care, and dealing with anxiety and low mood. In Finding Your Groove, Katie covers a new theme each week: Finding Your People, Finding Your Peace, Finding Your Happiness, Finding Your Partner, Finding Your Self, and Finding Your Future. The series rotates themes each week, and cycles back to Finding Your People after the sixth session. Tickets are available online.

Babies of any age are welcome to join both New Mom Group and Finding Your Groove!!

Yoga for Everyone from Teens to Adults

Sunday, March 22, 2020 | 3:00 – 5:00 pm
$45 for one adult • $20 for youth under 18

Partner Yoga

Sunday, April 19, 2020 | 3:00 – 5:00 pm
$75 for two attendees • $65 for one child and one adult
Day-of registration is $90 for two attendees


Prenatal Movement and Newborn Education

Mondays, March 2 – April 13, 2020, 10:00 – 11:30 am
with Bryant Resch

Bryant Resch leads a community of new and expecting mamas for a 6-week series centered on yoga, movement, and newborn education. Bryant assembles a team of six postpartum specialists and consultants, and leads the group through a new weekly topic including lactation, sleep, and pelvic floor rehabilitation. Her specialist teams have previously included lactation consultants, postpartum doulas, child psychologists, childcare specialists, sleep consultants, and pelvic floor rehabilitation specialists.

We had 10 mamas register for New Mom’s Circle in September! Register for the Spring series for discounted Early Bird pricing $225 until February 2nd.

Bryant Resch leading a New Moms Circle

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

New students enjoy 2 weeks of unlimited classes for $30!

The is a safe and community-oriented space! Our studio’s changing table and nursing room are available at all times and you are always welcome to change a diaper, feed your babe, and swap mama tips with other mothers. We ask that you please reserve your place in class ahead of time. See our class schedule and register online. 

Prenatal Yoga & Fitness Offerings
Prenatal Yoga

Our prenatal classes offer an all-rounded prenatal practice for mamas-to-be with postures, breath work, and deep relaxation to support pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Each of our instructors offer options for various levels of experience and different stages of pregnancy so the practice is supportive of each expecting mama.

Prenatal Strength

This class is a precise blend of yoga, mindfulness, and strength-training that targets the muscles used most during pregnancy and labor. Through functional training sets, it will also prepare you for the demands of motherhood, such as lifting and carrying your new baby. Maintaining strength throughout your pregnancy will help support the changes your body is experiencing and encourage a healthy recovery post-delivery. This class is open to all expecting mamas, preferably with your healthcare provider’s “go-ahead.”

Fit Mama: Prenatal Mamas

An effective and efficient 45-minute full body workout for the busy mom-to-be. Fit Mama is a head-to-toe strength training circuit complete with weighted arms, legs, cardio, and core. This class is open to all expecting mamas, preferably with your healthcare provider’s “go-ahead.”

Visit the Prenatal Yoga & Fitness Schedule 

Postnatal Yoga & All Mama Fitness Classes
Postnatal Mom & Baby Yoga

This is a gentle yoga practice to support new moms and pre-crawling babies, with options for different stages of postpartum, as well as baby yoga and massage. The class focuses on safe pelvic floor and core strengthening, and tunes into your body’s post-baby needs with luscious deep relaxation and/or breath work practices. This is a safe, welcoming, and community-oriented space! You are always welcome to change a diaper, feed your babe, and swap mama tips with other mothers. It’s open to all mamas (including adoptive mamas), preferably 6 weeks post-birth, or with your healthcare provider’s go-ahead. A more restorative practice is offered to mamas with babies under 6 weeks.

Postnatal Power

This class is a dynamic circuit-style training that helps shape and tone your body postpartum. Targeting core and pelvic floor strength, the Postnatal Power class includes light cardio and core work in addition to yoga and active stretching. All mamas at any postpartum stage are welcome, preferably 6 or more weeks post-birth or with a health professional’s go-ahead. Pre-crawling babies are welcome!

Fit Mama: All Mamas

An effective and efficient 45-minute full-body workout for the busy mom. The class is a head-to-toe strength-training circuit complete with weighted cardio targeting your arms, legs, and core. Get in and get it done in the most efficient and effective possible way! Open to all mamas in any stage of life!

Visit the Postnatal Yoga & Fitness Schedule

Monthly Mama Meet-ups

We host free Prenatal & Postnatal Mama Meet-ups once a month after select prenatal and postnatal yoga classes. Linger after yoga to meet a community of likeminded mamas and indulge in complementary tea, coffee, and bagels!

New Programs Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for Pregnancy & Expecting Moms Group and Second-time Moms Group.

View our schedule and sign up for a class on our scheduling page.

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