Learning From Our Kids:
The World is Pretty Wonderful.

Happy Labor Day, Practice families!

A week ago, my little family was up in Tahoe.  We had left the city late afternoon, and what with traffic and a couple of stops for food, potty emergencies, and to let out crazy preschooler energy, we arrived at our Airbnb after dark (and well after both kids’ bedtimes).  We had the code for a lockbox with the cabin’s key and my husband and I were both tired and focused on hustling both kids into pajamas and bed as quickly as possible.

Except when we opened the lockbox, there was no key.

My husband frantically scanned his email for further instructions.  Finding none, he called and then texted the property owner, then called Airbnb support.  It didn’t appear that there would be a quick resolution.

In the meantime, I was still in the car, managing two overtired and cranky kids.  Finally, I gave up and let my three year old loose.  Once unbuckled, he clambered out of his carseat, half fell out of the car, and then froze.  “Look, mom, look!!! The stars!  They so BEAUTIFUL!”

He was right.  I hadn’t noticed, because I was tired, because I was so focused on all that was going wrong and all of the tasks still ahead to accomplish.  

It is so easy for us to lose our sense of wonder in the hustle and bustle of daily life, in the endless list of tasks to be accomplished.  But– if only we can truly pay attention and notice– there are amazing and beautiful things all around us.

Wishing all of you a peaceful day of rest and relaxation with your families– and lots of opportunities for wonder.

P.S., Out and about in the great outdoors with your kids?  Download our free mindful family nature walk card here, or pick up one in the studio!  Or, if you have a kid who’s still into picture books, we recently read and loved this one.

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