Welcome to the New Year.

Tips, resources, and programs to support your teen or tween in quarantine!

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Hello, Practice families.

It’s a new year, although so far, this year doesn’t feel much different than the last one (see here and here for two of my recent favorite memes on this subject!).  Indeed, last week’s assault on the Capitol was a vivid and upsetting reminder of the dissension, division, and inequity simmering across our nation.

It may be a new year, but let’s face it, the changeover of the calendar did not eliminate any of the challenges that rose to the surface in 2020.  There’s darkness and difficulty still ahead (although see here for wise words on darkness and light from the Rev. Raphael Warnock, and here for thoughts about the end of the pandemic from Emily Oster).

I don’t have a fix for any of this.  But If you’re feeling anxious, isolated, frustrated, discouraged, or disconnected, I just want to remind you that you’re not alone.  You are one of millions of people all across the country (and indeed, all around the globe!) having this experience and feeling these feelings.  And there is some comfort to be found in that community, if we can only tap into it.  (See here for thoughts on this topic from Jack Kornfield, and here for an on-topic pandemic meditation from Susan Pollak and the Ten Percent Happier team).

That’s it– all I’ve got this week.  I’m linking a few more resources that might be helpful, in light of the new year and/or the news– and if you’re in search of community or support, for yourself or for your kids, please scroll down for our January programming.

A few links related to the news, and the new year…  plus a few other things I’ve bookmarked to share since I last wrote:

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