As Parents, We Are Models!

Announcing our new Mighty Moms summer series

Mom screaming in frustration

Hey, Mighty families!

During the seven years that I have been running the Mighty Minds program, I can’t even count the number of parents who have said to me something along the lines of:  “I wish you offered a similar series for parents!” or “Wow, these are skills that I need support with too!”

Let’s face it, the skills that we teach in our Mighty Minds program (about managing stress and big emotions!) are LIFE skills that we all need to learn and practice.  And as parents, if we expect our KIDS to be able to tap into these skills, we need to be able to put them into practice ourselves!  As parents, we set the emotional tone for our entire household– and our behavior and emotion regulation serves as a powerful model for our kids.

So those of you asking for a program for parents were right on– and given the stresses and strain of the pandemic on parents everywhere, there seemed like no better time than the present!

So hey, good news:  we’ve finally done it, and this is your official heads up that our new summer Mighty Moms series is coming soon!

Over the course of the pandemic, mothers have left the workforce in record numbers– and whether you’re home or home AND at work, if you’re a mother who’s taken care of everyone in your family over the past fourteen months, you are probably not OK.

If you’re finding even the THOUGHT of self-care overwhelming and impossible.  If you’re feeling more anxious or stressed than you did in pre-pandemic life.  If you’re finding yourself yelling or snapping at your kid (or your co-parent!).  If you’re feeling guilty or worried about whether you’re getting this parenting thing right.

Then our new series for moms is for YOU,
because it doesn’t have to be this way.  

Whether you’re a mother to an infant, a teenager, and/or any aged kid(s) in between, join our brand new motherhood community with psychologist, fellow mom, and PRACTICE founder Dr. Nina Kaiser.  Our summer Mighty Moms series will offer easy, practical, and powerful strategies designed to help you survive the summer, reconnect with a happier, less stressed, and more effective version of yourself, and smooth the way for a more peaceful (and joyful!) family life.

We know that you’re tired and overwhelmed, and that signing up for yet another Thing to Do is probably the last thing you need!

But we promise that THIS thing is a thing you do really need.
(And a thing that you’re hopefully even going to enjoy!)
We’re going to make it easy, practical, and manageable.  And we’re going to make it effective– so that you end the summer in a better place than you’re starting it.

Specific dates/registration will be released once we have confirmed interest– and as a family who previously participated or expressed interest in our Mighty Minds program, you’ll get an exclusive discount!

No commitment now– we’re just trying to gauge interest and decide if/when to move forward!  If you think this program might be for you and you want to hear more, please add your name to our interest list.

And whether or not you join us this summer– from one tired, stretched thin mama to another, I’m sending warm thoughts and solidarity your way.   We’re all in this together, and things are shifting and changing (hopefully for the better!) every single day.

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Mighty Minds groups introduce kids to mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral strategies helpful in effectively coping with anxiety, stress, anger and frustration, and other emotions.

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