Individual Therapy for Kids and Teens

Teaching kids skills to help them thrive.

Our team of highly skilled clinicians offers individual therapy for children and teens who are experiencing significant difficulties with anxiety, worry, depressed mood, stress, emotion regulation, and/or social functioning – we also teach these skills in our Mighty Minds groups for kids in K to 6th grades. Our Bay Area staff also includes therapists with specialties in trauma and adoption.

About Our Approach

We use evidence-based treatment strategies, and primarily adhere to a cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) model. This type of treatment approach has been supported by a great deal of research as the treatment of choice for childhood anxiety and depression. 

CBT focuses on teaching children/teens to be aware of their own emotions, to notice and critically evaluate their thoughts (learn to think about WHAT you’re thinking, and to check whether those thoughts are accurate or helpful!), and to employ adaptive behavioral strategies, mindfulness, and other self-soothing skills to help themselves remain grounded in difficult situations rather than getting swept away by worry or big emotions. 

Parent Involvement

We consistently integrate parents into individual treatment in order to partner in most effectively reinforcing skills taught in therapy sessions and making it more likely that children will use these skills at home and at school.  

For Younger Children

Parent involvement is recommended for a portion of each session in order to ensure that parents are aware of skills/concepts taught in session and able to support skill display at home.  Parents also may be asked to drop in for sessions without their child present in order to problem-solve about most effective home-based support strategies.  

For Adolescents

Parent involvement is less intensive; however, ongoing communication with parents (and occasional parent check-ins without the teen present) still is helpful in shaping the direction of treatment and encouraging skill display at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I expect that my child will attend sessions, and how long can I expect my child to be in treatment?

We recommend that individual therapy sessions occur on a weekly basis, at least at the beginning of treatment.  Regular attendance helps us get to know your child and family and build a strong relationship with your child; weekly sessions also make it more likely that kids will practice the skills we teach and progress!  Once kids are doing well, we often see children less frequently. For example, some kids shift to an every other week schedule, and others drop in monthly or as-needed. CBT is generally considered to be a short-term treatment, in that many of the children we see attend treatment on a weekly basis for several months, then pare back in frequency or pause.  Still, our policy is that once a child or family comes in our door, they are always welcome to return down the road. We take joy in being able to be helpful over the course of time as the children with whom we’ve worked in the past grow, change, and take on new transitions and challenges.

How much does it cost? 

Fees generally are consistent with standard therapy rates in the Bay Area, but are periodically adjusted and vary by provider; please contact us directly for specific information.  We ask families to supply credit card billing information via our secure online system, and sessions are charged to your card on file. Should you have PPO health insurance, a health savings account (HSA), or a medical flexible spending account (FSA), we are happy to provide documentation for you to submit for reimbursement.

When are sessions scheduled? 

Our clinical team will work with you to try to find a session time that is convenient for your child and family.  That said, our practice often is quite full. Although we do have after-school appointments, please note that we are most easily able to accommodate families who are also willing to be flexible about managing daytime appointments (and we prioritize families in these daytime slots when we do have after school openings).  If we are not able to find a time that works for your child or family, we are happy to provide you with other referral suggestions.

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