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Find joy in parenting and raise resilient kids

Wish that your experience of parenthood was more joyful?  That you worried less, felt less guilty, got upset with your kids less often? Do you wonder if you’re getting parenting “right” or secretly despair that you’re messing up as a parent? Feel like you’re out of ideas to manage tough behavior? Let us help!  


Let’s face it:  parenting is a joyful AND a stressful, exhausting task!  (We’re parents, we know!) Kids don’t come with manuals. As parents, we all bring both our own personal strengths and weaknesses to the table… plus everything (helpful and unhelpful!) that we learned from our own families about ourselves and about what it means to be a parent.  All of these things influence how we act as parents– and how we feel about our parenting experience.

We want to turn around your parenting experience so that you feel more able to ride out the bumps and more able to find the joy in your interactions with your kids!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

We are therapists AND parents ourselves, immersed both professionally and personally in the world of children (in all their delights and difficulties!).  We understand, firsthand, how hard parenting can be and we believe every parent deserves support to excel as a parent and to create a healthy, happy home in which their child(ren) and family blossom.


What is it EXACTLY that you do? 

We offer evidence-based individual therapy and coaching for parents designed to help you be your best self in your interactions with your child(ren).  Drawing on cutting-edge child psychology research and our years of clinical experience, we can help you effectively manage any specific challenges or problem behaviors that you’re finding particularly difficult with your kid(s).  In addition, we can help you work with your own emotions and build skills that will allow you to respond to difficult moments with your children with intention/purpose… rather than reacting out of anger, frustration, or concern. Through individual, parent-only work, you can deepen your own understanding of yourself as a parent, build your parenting toolkit, and create a more happy, harmonious family environment.


“Sounds great! But, how do I find the time?”

As parents ourselves, we know that juggling work and family means that there’s not much time left over!  At PRACTICE, we are committed to making your life easier and simpler by delivering support both in-person and via teletherapy. We start with an initial appointment designed to help us get to know you and your family– and then we work with you to agree on goals and individualize your plan for support. Depending on your needs and schedule, we may recommend regular weekly 45 minute sessions or simply suggest checking in a few times and checking back in if/when new challenges crop up. 


What can I expect you to help me with? 

We can help you tackle any number of parenting-related situations and will help you identify what is most important for you during our in-person intake session.  Here are a few examples of the things we have helped parents with over the years:

  • Improving your child’s compliance and/or shifting any other specific behaviors that are driving you crazy (tantrums, sibling conflict, emotional reactivity, homework battles, teenage angst or push-back, etc etc etc etc!)…  there’s always something, no matter what your child’s age! Parenting support isn’t because you’re not doing it right– but because kids don’t come with a manual, every child and family is different, and every parent can benefit from new ideas and help problem-solving!
  • Supporting your child around their worry, anxiety, or reluctance to try new things.  (Pssst, did you see this study done at Yale University, suggesting that teaching parents how to respond at times their kids were anxious was just as effective in reducing kids’ anxiety as providing treatment directly to kids themselves?!)
  • Collaboratively working with your partner to figure out how to navigate disagreements and parent in a way that works for both of you 
  • Learning how to cope with your own anxiety, managing parenting-related guilt, and/or navigating work-life-parenting “balance”
  • Building your own emotion regulation skills so that you can more calmly manage frustrating situations with your child(ren)
  • Working with what you’ve learned about parenting and what it means to be a parent from the family you grew up in…  and choosing how you want to be in the family you’ve built.


How much does it cost? 

Fees generally are consistent with standard therapy rates in the Bay Area, but are periodically adjusted and vary by provider; please contact us directly for specific information.  We ask families to supply credit card billing information via our secure online system, and sessions are charged to your card on file. Should you have PPO health insurance, a health savings account (HSA), or a medical flexible spending account (FSA), we are happy to provide documentation for you to submit for reimbursement.

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