It’s One of Those Weeks


Hi, Practice families!

Our power went out in Marin on Saturday evening…  it was restored late last night, and I have never been so grateful for light and heat.  Over the course of the past four days, I tried to access that gratitude mindset I talked about last week.  I mean, let’s face it, a few days without power is nothing compared to what people further north and in the path of the fires are experiencing.

That said, three-plus days with no power and two small children was stressful and anxiety-provoking.  Schools still are closed.  I’m trying to enjoy the time with my kids instead of worrying about air quality or all the work that I have piling up after days without childcare or laptop battery power.  I’m trying to be kind to myself and– in the moments between meeting the demands of parenthood ?— prioritize doing things that calm down my nervous system, and allow me to recover some equilibrium.

Hoping that you can do the same, no matter where you are or how impacted you’ve been by recent local events.  Take a few moments to take care of yourself.  We’ll be back in more extensive action next week.

And speaking of next week– we’re launching not one, but THREE Mighty Minds sessions next week– with room remaining in two of them– AND a new kids’ yoga and mindfulness series.  More details on all these programs below.  Check it out.  We’d love to have your kids on board (and we’d be warmly grateful for any help spreading the word!).

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Take a Leap!Thursday, July 14th at 6:00 pm

Designed for Pregnant and Expecting Mamas, Taking the Leap is an online workshop hosted by Katie Taylor, PsyD and Jamie Katoff LMFT.

If you've got the baby gear all ready to go, join us to find out what's next to prepare yourself for the launch into motherhood!

Ready, set, LEAP!