Parenting Through Stressful Times

Now, more than ever, emotion regulation skills and community connection are critical to our well-being.

Nina Kaiser and her two boys

Hi, Everyone,

It has been quite a week.  It seems like the entire country– and maybe especially the Bay Area– has gone from business as usual to complete and total panic. Schools are closed for weeks, groceries and essential supplies are scarce, and we’re all worried about our own health and the health of everyone we love.

We’re over here trying to make the best decisions that we can for our community and working on ways to offer accessible support– both to our immediate community and the broader community around us.  This is such a stressful and anxiety-provoking time for everyone, everywhere.  Our primary mission at Practice revolves around supporting kids, teens, and parents in managing stress, anxiety, and big emotions effectively– and in creating community!  This mission seems more important at this moment than ever, and we are looking for ways that we can make our programming available and accessible to more families– and to parents, in particular– as we all navigate the daunting task of parenting at a time of crisis.

  1. Free Online Resources – We will be posting free resources from our staff to our Instagram and Facebook pages as we can make them available.

  2. Low-Cost Online Parenting Programs – In addition, we are offering several new low-cost, high-value programs for parents as a way to provide support to our broader community at this time of need.  Revenue from these programs also will support us in being able to keep our doors open at this time of crisis– so the support goes both ways!

Please scroll down for more information about these new parent programs– and click through to join me.  We’d also really appreciate your support in spreading the word about these programs to other parents near and far– so we’d love it if you could forward to friends, post to social media, and help us get the word out in any other way to other families who might also benefit.

As always, warmest thanks for your support, and for being part of our community.  I’m going to sign off, take a few deep breaths, and hug my kids extra hard tonight– hope that each of you can do the same.

Parenting Through Stressful Times

Parenting Through Stressful Times is a 3-part live stream webinar facilitated by Nina Kaiser, PhD and the PRACTICE team. We meet first on Monday, March 16 and our last live stream session is scheduled for Friday, March 20, 2020. Registration for each webinar starts at $10 — registration for all 3 webinars is $25. Learn more about the live streams below or click-through to our Online Programs page to register online. 


  • How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus.  Are your kids asking questions about coronavirus?  In the context of a public health situation that even informed adults are freaking out about, it can be hard to figure out how to talk with our kids calmly and answer their questions in a way that provides information but doesn’t stress them out.  Join Dr. Nina Kaiser for a parent workshop focused on helping you tackle the topic of coronavirus with kids of any age. 60 minutes, $10 live stream (Monday, March 16, 12:30pm-1:30pm) or on-demand download (available anytime!).  Appropriate for parents of children of any age.

  • How to Survive School Closures.  Okay, our kids’ schools just closed…  for weeks. Now what?! If you’re bracing yourself for weeks at home with your children, join Dr. Nina Kaiser for a workshop offering ideas for how to structure and scaffold this time in order to make it less likely that you and your children drive one another completely crazy.  60 minutes, $10 live stream (Wednesday, March 18, 1:00pm-2:00pm) or on-demand download (available anytime!).  Ideas and content relevant to parents of children of any age, but likely most helpful for parents of preschool and elementary-aged children.

  • Parenting in a Challenging Time:  Managing Our Own Anxiety, Stress, and Frustration as Parents This is a chaotic and stressful time, and anxiety and stress levels are running high for all of us.  Join Dr. Nina Kaiser for a workshop offering ideas and strategies that we as parents can use to manage our own emotions in the midst of very real stressors so that we can feel better and be better able to effectively manage interactions with our kids.  60 minutes, $10 live stream (Friday, March 20, 12:30pm-1:30pm) or on-demand download (available anytime!).  Appropriate for parents of children of any age.

Plus:  Dive deeper by joining our new parent Facebook community.

For only $30, you’ll get all of the above workshops PLUS access to our brand-new exclusive Facebook community focused on supporting your family’s mental health and helping you and your kids cope.  Membership includes…​

  • Brief daily Facebook Lives with Dr. Kaiser every day through the end of currently scheduled school closures.  During each Live session, Dr. Kaiser will offer a strategy or idea that can help you better cope with the current chaos and also answer one or more questions from group members.
  • Frequent posts with vetted resources and links on topics related to managing anxiety, stress, and parenthood during this crazy time, plus activity resources and links that will help you keep your kids busy at home (win-win!).
  • Access to all three of the parent workshops described above (value: $25).
  • Access to content from our 30-day email parenting series, How to Not Lose Your Sh*t With Your Kids (value: $30).  Because let’s face it, with schools closed for weeks, we’re all going to be walking that line.

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