Tips for Making the Holiday Chaos Feel More Manageable

No magic wand, just a few tips and tricks

Christmas Trees

Hi, Practice families!

With only three full weeks between the Thanksgiving holiday and the winter break, the rush toward the holidays this year feels particularly frantic.

I’m feeling it, and I bet you are too.

A few tips/tricks/gentle reminders as we all navigate this chaotic season and all its demands…

1.  Look for ways to do less, places to say no.  Cut yourself some slack.  You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.  Tap into your core values, here– what is most important?  And what can you delegate or let go?  Remember:  anytime we say YES, we are automatically also saying NO to something else…  and when our YESES accumulate, that something else to which we are saying NO often is our own peace, joy, and well-being!

2.  Prioritize making space for quiet moments.  If you want it, we have a free trial of Calm Premium for you, here.  Or just take a few moments to hide in the bathroom (or anywhere else!!) and BREATHE.  (This quote from our newsletter last week is one of my all-time favorites!)

3.  And remember, our kids feed off our energy.  If we ourselves are stressed, overextended, and frantically rushing from one obligation to the next, our kids also are more likely to be reactive and cranky.  So at the times we can’t manage number one and/or number two, above– we can try to keep this in mind as a framework for our kids’ behavior that might help us dig deep and find a bit more patience and grace.  After all, those are the values most of us are hoping to model this holiday season, right?

Sending lots of good wishes to your family from mine.

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