Zooming Into the Start of School

We’re all in it together. A few things to keep in mind.

Mighty Kids workshop series online mindfulness on Zoom

Hello, Practice families!

At this point, we’ve all survived at least the first few days of the school year!  But based on what we’ve heard from most kids, teens, and parents, it hasn’t exactly been pretty.

Let’s face it:  the beginning of the school year can be a tough transition even at the best of times, as our kids transition back into the structure and demands of school after a summer that offers more flexibility and more fun.  Every autumn, kids and teens are fatigued as they cope with schedule changes and readjust to expectations for sustained attention and academic productivity.  And this year, in the context of a prolonged global pandemic requiring distance learning by Zoom, things are even harder than usual.  We’re all stretched thin and tired of this.

When I was in my first year of grad school, a teaching assistant– who ultimately turned into a life-long friend– gave me a lecture about the way in which grad school is like a marathon, told me that I was too hung up on excelling in the moment and not focused enough on what was necessary to able to survive and thrive over time.  I can’t even remember the specifics of this conversation, honestly, I just remember how infuriated I felt– and how outraged I was at the idea that endurance might require adapting my expectations.

That said, he was right.  😬  And this lesson seems like a relevant one for all of us in this moment– where we’re stuck running this COVID marathon by Zoom and needing to endlessly adapt our expectations for our productivity, our emotional well-being, our ability to be present (and our expectations for our kids on all of these fronts!).

This week, try to remember to give your kids– and yourselves– a little grace and compassion.  Try to set realistic expectations, stick to your core values as a parent/family, prioritize the battles you care most about fighting with/for your kids, and gently (or not so gently!) push back against external expectations that are not feasible for you, your child, or your family

This is a marathon.  You’re not going to do everything well.  (Honestly, you may not do ANYTHING well.)  But you can pick yourself back up, take a deep breath, feel your feet on the ground, and begin again.  Tomorrow is a new day.

P.S.– a few (er, many) good links:

Yes, we know you’re tired of Zoom– and we’re fully aware that wrangling your kid onto yet another Zoom at the end of a school day fully online probably ranks near the top of your least-desired activities (not to mention your kid’s!).  But if you give us an hour of your kid’s time, we’ll give them tools and strategies that will help them get through the rest of this mess.  We’ve been working all summer to figure out ways to make Zoom work, and we think we’ve gotten it right!  So please consider joining us for our fall online programs for kids and teens!

New Teen Workshop and 4-Week Series!

Workshop is THIS THURSDAY!

Oh, hello high school. On Zoom. At home.
After sheltering in place all spring and all summer.

Sad girl summer turned sad girl fall? Are you missing your friends, your afternoon activities and stressing about school work? You are not alone. We get it. Are you ready to (literally) shake off these feels and meet some new people?

Come join Ginna Oates, AMFT for an hour long drop-in group on 9/10 and/or join both Ginna and local yoga instructor Erin Gilmore for a four-week long, hour group 9/24 to 10/15 that will give you SOMETHING to look forward to during more shelter-in-place.

Together we will laugh, build a safe space to share the emotional waves of uncertainty, moooove with yoga, and learn strategies to reduce stress and boost your mood. Come in your comfiest clothes to practice yoga! (Or in your PJs– because hey, it’s on Zoom too.)

Open to any high school girl.
Join us for the drop-in on 9/10 ($25) to see what it’s all about.
Sign up for the four week series (9/24-10/15, $100) to go deeper! 

Mighty Kids, Coming Up 9/21!

Do you have a student in kindergarten to sixth grade?  Sign them up to join us for our latest Mighty Kids drop-in!  

Our attention is like a flashlight: we get to CHOOSE where to shine it!  Join Nina Kaiser, PhD, Julia Barzizza (mindful artist), and Tara McLaughlin (kids’ yoga and mindfulness teacher) for a drop-in Mighty Kids session focused on mindfulness-based strategies to flex and strengthen our mental attention muscles and support positive mood, effective stress management, and academic engagement while we dive into another semester of virtual learning!  

Monday, September 21, 3:30-4:30pm
Cost:  $40

Sign your 3rd to 5th grader up to join us for a session of our flagship Mighty Minds program!  We’ll be running by Zoom for five consecutive Thursdays (4:00-5:00pm), October 1 through October 29.  This is not your average Zoom class!  The Mighty Minds program focuses on teaching kids evidence-based mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral strategies to cope with stress, anxiety, and big emotions…  all in the context of fun, experiential activities!

Learn more about the Mighty Minds program on our website!

Special reduced cost for enrollment in our online session ($625 per student), reimbursable by PPO health insurance, FSA, or HSA.  
Please note that in order to be eligible for reimbursement, families must be physically
located in the state of California.

Last Call! Fit Womxn Weekend September Series Starts Friday!

Fit WOMXN Weekend Series!

Choose from Fridays, Sundays, or both!
Friday, September 11 – October 4

with Lori Lee

Looking for a way to work out that COVID stress? Grab a water bottle and some light weights (or soup cans, or whatever else you have nearby!) and join us for our most popular class, now open to any womxn anywhere!  Meet us in the Zoom room on four Fridays ($60), four Sundays ($60), or both Fridays AND Sundays (8 classes, $110) of a dynamic interval-based class that offers a full-body cardio and strength workout!  Prenatal and postnatal mamas welcome (modifications available), open to any womxn anywhere.  All classes will be recorded, so if you miss a class, you can catch the replay at a time that works for you!

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