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 Mighty Moms

October 27 – December 8, 2021
Wednesdays, 12 noon – 1:00 pm PST, on Zoom
with Nina Kaiser, Ph.D.

Let’s face it, if we expect our KIDS to be able to tap into skills around managing stress and big emotions, we as parents need to be able to put these skills into practice ourselves! As parents, we set the emotional tone for our families as wholes– and our behavior and emotion regulation serve as powerful models for our kids.

The past year has posed impossible and overwhelming challenges for parents across the globe– so there’s no better time than the present for us as parents to refresh our own skills in these areas!

If you’re finding even the THOUGHT of self-care overwhelming and impossible. If you’re feeling more anxious or stressed than you did in pre-pandemic life. If you’re finding yourself yelling or snapping at your kid (or your co-parent!). If you’re feeling guilty or worried about whether you’re getting this parenting thing right.

Then our new Mighty Moms series is for YOU,

because it doesn’t have to be this way.


SPACE: Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions

Wednesdays, 9:00 – 10:15 AM on Zoom
January 19 – March 16 | 8 weeks
*No group on February 23rd

Are you the parent of a child between the ages of five and twelve who is struggling with anxiety? Having a tough time finding a child therapist with openings (or getting your child to go to therapy)? Or have your child in therapy already, but making progress more slowly than you might like? If so, this group is for you.

Join two experienced child and adolescent therapists trained in the Yale University Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions (SPACE) approach for an intimate eight-week parent group that offers a combination of teaching the core principles of SPACE and troubleshooting to make the SPACE principles work most effectively for you and your child!

Parenting Through Stressful Times

This is such a stressful and anxiety-provoking time for everyone, everywhere.  Our entire mission at Practice revolves around supporting kids, teens, and parents in managing stress, anxiety, and big emotions effectively– and in creating community!  This mission seems more important at this moment than ever, and this is why we have made our Parenting Through Stressful Times series free for you to enjoy when you visit  our Resources Page.

We also started a Facebook group to provide parents easy access to community and resources for managing stress, anxiety, and parenthood during this crazy time. You can request access to the community Facebook group using this link or the button below!

Appropriate for any parent of any kid, anywhere.  Please note that this is an educational Facebook community, not a therapeutic service.  We will be sharing evidence-based strategies and general resources focused on helping parents and kids cope with stress and emotions in the context of current cultural and environmental events; by enrolling in this community, you acknowledge that you are aware that all content and programming is educational and does not serve as or substitute for mental health intervention.


Image of a laptop on a clean workspace – Practice from home!30 day Online Challenge: How to Not Lose Your Sh*t with Your Kid!

With Nina Kaiser, PhD

Rolling registration – you choose when to begin!

Much as we might hate to admit it… we’ve all lost our sh*t with our kid(s) from time to time. Parenthood is the ultimate growth experience and provides us with endless opportunities for our own skill development around managing emotions like frustration, anger or anxiety. Learning how to keep your cool during difficult moments is not something you can master from going to a single workshop or reading a parenting book. It’s a habit that requires continuous PRACTICE in the midst of real day-to-day situations and the curveballs that life (and, uh, our kids) throws our way.

That’s why we’ve developed an innovative online parenting series to support you in practicing everyday strategies for difficult moments with your children in order to help yourself maintain control and respond effectively and from a place of intention… rather than totally losing it.

Participating parents will receive:

  • daily inspiration
  • practical tips
  • evidence-based resources to support you in staying motivated, sticking to your parenting values/intentions, and developing the habit of parenting peacefully!

All content will be delivered via email before your morning coffee, so this program is open to any parent of any aged children, anywhere.

Parenting is no easy task – but we’re all in it together! Let us help you stay motivated in sticking to your parenting goals and develop the habit of parenting more peacefully.

Price: $30

Coming Soon in Spring 2022
Parenting Your Anxious Child Online Series

Our new online series will offer daily, bite-sized emails delivered to your inbox in time for your morning coffee, each containing a research-based tip or strategy about how best to support your anxious child, plus links to other resources where you can learn more if you have the time and interest.  Click the link below to be notified when registration opens!


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Mighty MomsLet's face it.

We expect our kids to manage stress and big emotions, but we as parents need to be able to put these skills into practice ourselves!

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