Life is a practice.

Practice San Francisco was founded in 2017 by child and family psychologist, Nina Kaiser, Ph.D. Equipped with over 15 years experience working with children and families, Nina came to specialize in cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness-based strategies to help kids, teens, and parents cope with stress, worry, and all big emotions. Over time, it became clear to Nina that these evidence-based strategies could benefit all people, and so she founded Practice San Francisco with the goal of building a community that supports kids and families in living more peaceful and joyful lives.

Today, we are a family-focused therapy and wellness center based out of San Francisco’s Cow Hollow, with a second office in Marin. We offer prenatal and postnatal yoga, group support, children’s mindfulness, and individualized care. We have supported hundreds of perinatal women, children, and families through each of our programs. Register for upcoming programs and classes here.

Yoga & Fitness

Through yoga and fitness we practice embodiment and body awareness. By harnessing the powerful link between breath and mindful movement, practitioners are able to connect with their own experiences, foster a renewed sense of aliveness, and leverage our personal choice.

Prenatal & Postnatal Support Groups

Our support groups have helped hundreds Bay Area women connect with others in the prenatal and postpartum phases. Facilitated by Dr. Katie Taylor, Psy.D., new moms can benefit from Bay Area resources, group support, and new mom friends!

Mighty Minds

Nina Kaiser’s mindfulness program serves kids in grades K-6. Mighty Minds is a fun, five-session workshop that empowers kids to notice big emotions, practice tools to influence their experience, and ultimately thrive! Learn more about Mighty Minds here.

Family Workshops & Events

Couples workshops, perinatal events, and parenting sessions are scheduled seasonally at our studio in Cow Hollow. We announce all workshops via our newsletter. To stay up-to-date with information on our next workshop, please subscribe to our newsletter using the form in the footer!

Individual Support & Parent Coaching

Our clinical staff is comprised of child psychologists, perinatal experts, and family support specialists. To learn more about individual support offerings, please visit this page or email

Vision and values

Practice San Francisco aims to provide evidence-based strategies to help children, teens, and families live joyful lives, and demonstrate resilience and persistence in the face of challenge. By using mindfulness-based strategies and cognitive-behavioral tools, we can all learn to override our auto-pilot reactions, and respond with intention and choice.


Learn critical life skills

We whole-heartedly believe that awareness, presence, kindness and curiosity are skills best learned when explicitly taught, modeled, and reinforced. These principles are integrated into all of our programs. We dive more deeply into strategic discussion on how to apply these skills in day-to-day life with our Mighty Minds kids and families.


Mental and body cues help us determine when big emotions and stress are on the rise. By noticing and attending to these sensations, we can make better decisions, and shift course before getting overwhelmed by emotion.

Presence in the Moment

Letting go of what what might happen, or what has already happened, in order to focus and problem-solve what is happening right here and right now.

Kindness and Curiosity

Treating yourself and others with empathy, kindness, and curiosity, and acting out of an awareness that we are all growing and learning! Making mistakes is part of practice.

Any child, teenager, and parent – any person! – can benefit from the support of a like-minded community. Together, we can reach our goals around persistence, effectiveness, equanimity, and happiness!

How can I practice awareness?
Is awareness only about noticing my thoughts?
Awareness is about noticing both our thoughts and our body sensations! By paying attention to what’s happening in your mind, you can determine whether thoughts are tricky or true, helpful or unhelpful. Doing this helps us step back from unhelpful thinking (instead of getting swept away!). Practicing embodiment, paying attention to the changes in your physical body, also gives us important information to determine how to act most effectively.
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Practice San Francisco has three locations!

San Francisco Location
2901 Webster Street, San Francisco CA 94123


Mill Valley Location
10 Willow Street, Suite 1, Mill Valley, CA 94941

Marin Location
400 Professional Center Drive, Suite 421, Novato, CA 94947

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