Life is a practice.

PRACTICE San Francisco was founded in 2017 by child and family psychologist, Nina Kaiser, Ph.D. Our studio offers a variety of programs related to mindfulness, resilience, and effectively coping with emotion that are open to any San Francisco area children, teens, and parents.

Our programs are designed to support families in developing, practicing, and supporting these skills from the ground up. We have programs for all ages that range from prenatal classes and workshops to content designed for teenagers and their parents.


PRACTICE San Francisco’s programs aim to help children, teens, and families to live joyful lives by offering opportunities to learn and to practice evidence-based strategies that research tells us are helpful in allowing us to show resilience and persistence in the face of challenges. We can learn to respond with choice and intention during stressful and emotional situations rather than simply reacting on auto-pilot.


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PRACTICE San Francisco provides opportunities to learn and practice the following critical life skills:


Awareness: noticing and attending to cues that can inform you that emotions and stress are building in order to allow you to make decisions about how to respond and/or implement strategies to help yourself shift course before you are overwhelmed by emotion.

  • Awareness of body sensations (i.e., embodiment): paying attention to the information provided by changes in your physical body, and using that information to decision-make about how to act most effectively.
  • Awareness of thoughts: paying attention to the thoughts happening in your mind, learning how to evaluate whether or not those thoughts are accurate or helpful, and developing the ability to shift or step back from unhelpful thoughts rather than being sucked in or swept away.

Presence in the moment: letting go of what already happened, or what might happen, in order to focus on and effectively problem-solve about what is happening here and now.

Kindness & curiosity: treating yourself and others with empathy, kindness, and curiosity… and developing and acting out of an awareness that we are all growing and learning and that making mistakes is part of practice.

At PRACTICE San Francisco, we whole-heartedly believe that these skills—like any other skills worth learning—need to be explicitly taught, modeled, reinforced, and regularly practiced… and that any child, teenager, and parent (indeed, any PERSON!) benefits from repetition, support, and connection with a like-minded community in order to reach their goals around persistence, effectiveness, equanimity, and happiness.

Let us help support you and your family in practicing being your best selves today.

Come PRACTICE with us!

PRACTICE and all is coming.
— Sri K. Pattabhi Jois


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